Dye Proto Rail Review

Dye Proto Rail Review

The Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun features fuse bolt technology. It also has O-rings for simplified maintenance and has other features that make it the gun of choice. The features that make the gun durable include solenoid features which facilitate constant air flow.

It also has a lightweight Hyper3TM regulator that provides smooth velocity adjustment and provides high flow. The gun consists of a bolt, an aluminum body, and a trigger. The marker also comes with a 9-volt battery, barrel sock, and dye slick lube.

Dye Proto Rail

One of the things that stands out with this gun is its great aesthetics. It also has aggressive curves and lines that give it a stylish look. The gun is made with high-quality materials and as such is durable.

Features of the Dye Proto Rail 

  • Aluminum Body. The body is made of the aluminum composite frame. This makes it very durable and so it is designed to take a beating. Although paintball is a rough and dirty game, the gun can handle it very well. It also has an ultra-lite ergonomic frame which makes it extremely comfortable in your hands. It also has a high-quality aluminum design.
  • Color Coded O-rings. The coded O-rings are good for maintenance. They ensure that the user can easily maintain the gun in case of any problem that might occur. Replacing the O-rings is an easy task because they can be easily identified because of their distinct colors.
  • Multiple Firing Modes. The gun has multiple firing modes for versatility. This makes the gun more useful in different scenarios.
  • Hyper 3 Inline Regulator. The regulator ensures that the gun has a faster reaction. This makes the gun more efficient and effective to use.
  • Unique Dye Eye Pipe. The unique eye pipe protects debris and dirt. That ensures that the gun stays clean, and the quality of the gun is maintained. It also has an adjustable feed neck that ensures the gun is easily adjustable for cleaning.

Advantages of the Dye Proto Rail

  • Durable. The Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun’s body is made of a solid aluminum frame which makes it more durable. The gun is also straight edged and does not feature any composite material. It is equipped with an ultra-lite composite frame which makes it the dye original hence maintaining the color of the gun.
  • Increased Efficiency. The Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun uses the forward technology which gives the gun increased efficiency. It also has a 3-D milling and color coded seals which makes the design more simplified. It also has features such as 40 milliseconds and solenoid features which give it super-fast cycle speed.
  • High Quality Air Regulator. The gun uses Hyper 3 regulator which increases its efficiency and also enhances the speed of shooting.
  • Lightweight : The Dye Proto Rail weighs 1.62 lbs., making one of the lightest paintball markers on the market.

Things to Be Aware Of

There were not a lot of complaints about this paintball gun, though some users did note that it can become a bit noisy when it's in use.

Bottom Line

The Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun is a good gun for the starters and Advance Player. The impeccable quality of the design makes it hard to pass up. It is also affordable and has outstanding features such as being so light weight so that a beginner can maneuver it with ease.